Frequently Asked Questions (Delhi Minor Baseball)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I register my child to play baseball?
You can register online. (See Home page for info)  

2. Can my child still play Rep baseball in 2024?
Yes, there could still be Rep opportunities for your child. If this is something that interests you please select interested in trying out for rep during your registration. 

3. My child is 4 years old, can they play T-Ball?
Unfortunately, Starting in 2023 we no longer allow 4 year olds to play T-Ball. This decision was made by executive due to feedback in previous years survey, parents mentioned the times of the games were too late for 4 year olds.

4. Can my 6 year old play rookie ball instead of T-Ball?
Maybe.  We do allow some 6 year olds to move up to rookie ball.  In order for this to happen we would need to do a quick evaluation of your child to make sure they are able to protect themselves properly.  

5. I own a business, can I sponsor a baseball team?
Of course you can.  Please contact our sponsorship coordinator.

6. I'm worried baseball may be too expensive, where can I turn to for support?

Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity. JumpStart is committed to helping all families access a range of activities, from baseball to bowling and skating to skiing, and more. Visit for more information. 

What are the main responsibilities of volunteer coaches?

Each coaching team (head and assistant coaches) works together to take on the various coaching duties.  The head coach is primarily responsible for most duties but may choose to lean on assistant coaches for support with some of the duties.  The primary duties of the coaching team include (but are not limited to):

  • Creating a positive and fun playing environment for players and families
  • Communicating with parents
  • Reporting any injuries to division convener
  • Preparing batting order and field placements for each game, as per fair-play rules
  • Running team practices (optional) and pre-game warm-ups
  • Providing effective and positive coaching to players
  • Treating umpires, coaches and players with respect, as per code of conduct
  • Caring for team equipment
  • Reporting any infractions to the DMBA including aggressive or bullying behaviour towards umpires, coaches, players, etc.

8. What experience do you need to volunteer as a coach?

·    Although it is preferred that coaches have some experience with coaching or playing baseball, it is not required.  Efforts are made to pair less experienced coaches with more experienced coaches when forming coaching teams.  In addition, various resources have been developed to support all coaches.

9. How are coaching teams formed?

·    All coaches are volunteers.  We are always needing members of the community to step up and head or assistant coach a team.
A coach volunteering as a head coach is able to choose up to two (2) assistant coaches for their coaching team.
f a head coach does not identify two assistant coaches to support them, we will aim to recruit at least one (1) assistant coach on behalf of the head coach. If there are not enough coaches that volunteer as head coaches, every effort will be made to place 2-3 volunteer assistant coaches together to give leadership to a team.  If there are not enough coaches volunteering, parents of children on a team may be leaned on to give leadership to the team.

10. Do coaches need to obtain a police clearance?
Yes, all volunteer head and assistant coaches need to secure a police vulnerable sector check within the city/region they reside (every 3 years). 
If you submitted a vulnerable sector police clearance to our organization last season, you do not need to complete another check this season.  Clearances are only required every three years.

11. What are the main responsibilities of bench manager?

  • Communicating with parents and players
  • Sending communication via email, sportsheadz app, etc.
  • Coordinating parent volunteer to assist with scorekeeping if needed.
  • Reporting any infractions to the DMBA including aggressive or bullying behavior towards umpires, coaches, players, etc.
  • Assist with keeping players in batting orders if applicable (depending on age division)

12. I'm new to baseball what equipment does my child need?

  • All players need to have their own baseball glove.
  • All team bags consist of bats and helmets. However, majority of players purchase their own Helmets so they don't have to share. 

13. How long does the season run?

May to August

14. Can my child requests uniform number?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee player numbers. Numbers are pre-assigned based on sizing for the team order. 

15. I have 2 children playing baseball, will their schedules overlap?

Unfortunately we will not know if their schedules with ever overlap as the scheduling is done by Southern Counties for away games. 

16. I registered my son but I didn't get notification of how to make payment. 

If you have not paid via credit card, off-line payments can be via e-transfers to [email protected].
Cash or Cheque payments can be made to Delhi Minor Baseball Association and be delivered to one of our in-person Registration dates (dates to be determined) or by emailing the President at [email protected]

17. I registered my child and now he/she doesn't want to play baseball, can I get a refund? 
Please refer to our refund policy. Refund Policy