Emergency Procedures (Delhi Minor Baseball)

PrintEmergency Procedures
First and foremost, in the event of an incident requiring immediate medical attention we ask that coaches, team managers and parents call 9-1-1. This may not be a player. This could be anyone on site during a game (Coach, Parent, etc.). The following will help EMS find the location and help organize your response to an injury. 

Emergency Action Plans

All teams managers, including Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, should be aware of the Emergency Action Plan for each location where they are playing. Delhi Minor Baseball has developed EAP's for the 3 primary diamonds used by the DMBA.

These forms contain the exact address that EMS staff may need to access the location quickly. The forms are also setup to to identify who will call for emergency services and who will treat any victims. 

We ask that all teams keep completed copies of these forms in their team binders and have on hand in the event of an emergency. 

You can download the DMBA Emergency Action Plans from the links below. 

1) Delhi Area Diamond (Delhi Sports Park) 

2) Courtland Lions Park 

3) Delcrest Diamond

First Aid Providers

We ask that all teams identify any coaches, team managers or player/parents that have a current first aid certificate. These individuals can be added to a Team's Emergency Action Plan. These individuals are important to identify in your Team's Emergency Action Plans as they can be a significant asset during many situations.

Injury Reports

In the event of an injury during a game we ask that all coaches complete the Ontario Baseball Association Injury Report form. This form is easy to fill out and once completed should be forwarded to your League Convener for processing. 

Ontario Baseball Association - Injury Report