Volunteer Declaration (Delhi Minor Baseball)

Volunteer Declaration
Volunteer Offence Declaration is only after you have submitted a Vulnerable Sector Sector within the last 3 years.

Volunteer Information

I DECLARE, since the last Vulnerable Sector Check provided to Delhi Minor Baseball Association, that:

·       that any Vulnerable Sector Check that I would obtain or submit on the date indicated below would be no different than the last Vulnerable Sector Check Form that I submitted to Delhi Minor Baseball Association.

·       that if there have been any changes, or if I suspect that there have been any changes, it is my responsibility to obtain and submit a new Vulnerable Sector Check Form to Delhi Minor Baseball Association instead of this form.

·       that there have been no changes to my criminal record since I last submitted an Vulnerable Sector Check to Delhi Minor Baseball Association.

·       I have no outstanding charges and warrants, judicial orders, peace bonds, probation or prohibition orders, or applicable non-conviction information, and there have been no absolute and conditional discharges.

·       I have not been the subject of any criminal investigation or allegation, any child welfare investigation or allegation, nor have I had any charges brought against me, even if the charges are pending.

I recognize that if there have been changes to the results available from the Vulnerable Sector Check, and that if I submit this form improperly, then I am subject to disciplinary action and/or the removal of volunteer responsibilities or other privileges at the discretion of Delhi Minor Baseball Association.