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Welcome to Online Registration

Why have we gone to online registration? 

  • Baseball Ontario has mandated all locals, House League, Select & REP Players are registered online for the 2020 season.
  • Delhi Minor Baseball endorsed going online for the 2019 season to work out any bugs in the system.
  • Honestly it will save us so much time. Someone had to always collect and input all this information manually. As you can appreciate a lot of time is spent tracking down missing information. By going online you will not be able to register if you do not complete all mandatory fields.
  • It will save time in the future. Players profiles will be able to be called up next season and information just updated.
  • Payment is now secure for those choosing to pay online. It is directly deposited into our account. It should lessen chasing outstanding payments, as parents can log back into their accounts to make outstanding payments.

Before you click the link below, you need to read the following information and collect all the information listed below. Without such you will not be able to complete the online registration. 

You will be required to complete the registration process in one sitting. You will be able to return to the registration form to edit submitted information, enter optional information, and make deferred payments, once you submit your registration. Instructions will be provided in your confirmation email on how to log back in and edit.

You will need the following information;

  • Players Contact Information - name, main residential address, contact information, height (IMP)
  • Health Card Number - the full card number, including letter code eg: 1234567890 AA 
  • Proof of Date of Birth - you will be required to insert the players Birth Certificate Number or Passport Number
  • Jersey Size - eg: Youth or Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Pant Size - in inches - inseam and waist
  • Players Preferred Jersey Number (not guaranteed for House League Players this year)
  • Parent Contact Information - name, residential address, contact information, birth date for account verification. Do not list a parent that is not a custodial guardian..
  • Emergency Contact - name, relationship and phone number
Baseball Ontario is asking proof of date of birth of all players being registered through the central registry.
All previous copies of proof of birth date has been deleted.

Delhi Minor Baseball is required to verify this proof, this is why we are asking for you to upload a clear picture of the document - which includes players name, birth date and Registration Number.
If you prefer not to upload this information, you will be asked for proof of such prior to the player being rostered to a team.

The Registration Number is identified by the RED ARROW on examples below. 


If your child does not have an Ontario Birth Certificate or a valid Canadian Passport, than you will need to contact the Registrar to discuss options. A Player trying out for a REP team MUST have this proof of full name and birth date.

  • You will be able to make payment(s) online using a credit card.
  • PayPal is not available as an option this year.
  • You can also defer payments to choose to pay later online, or ETransfer or by sending a cheque by mail.

If you do not pay online you are responsible to meet all established deadlines to secure your registration.
There is limited number of spots on each teams roster so assignment to a team will be based on the policy of when deposits are received.

You will also be offered the ability to pay a registration deposit - payment of $75 for Tball and a $100 deposit for all other teams.
A registration deposit is required by April 1st. 

Late Fees will apply after April 21st or after the deadline set for any balances outstanding eg REP and TOURNAMENT FEE.

Late Fees will be waived against players for teams we are still seeking additional numbers to complete the roster.

You will also have the option to pay the REP Tryout Fee of $25. If you defer paying such it will be required prior to the 1st tryout date.
You can pay this online or return to pay online before the tryout date.

In order to have the tax receipt issued to the person paying the fees, on the consent page you will see at the bottom of the page - PAYER with a drop down menu.
Please select the name of the person in the drop down you would like the Tax Receipts name printed on. You can than choose to print such once you log back in to your account from the player confirmation email.

If you reached this point - you must be saying - WOW - is that a lot of information - it is, but all this information we have, at some point another, collected, just not during the registration process. This information we are required to collect by Baseball Ontario, our insurer, and to assist our various committees eg uniforms, to help them start their assigned tasks prior to the season.

Will there be some bugs, questions, we are counting on it, so please be patient as you work your way through the registration form. Instructions have been tested on a teenager, so we tried to explain everything. Please read all the instructions, and if in doubt send us an email.


You will go to a new page and select Delhi Minor Ball Player Registration Form 2019 Delhi Minor Baseball

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