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Rep Team Coaching

All Coaches wishing to coach rep baseball in the Delhi Minor Baseball Association must complete the required National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training. 

What is the NCCP? 

The NCCP is a training and certification program for coaches, offered across Canada in more than 60 sports. The program was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of coaches - from those who introduce youngsters to sport to those who work with Canada's high performance athletes. Since its inception, more than 875,000 coaches have taken part in NCCP activities that have helped them to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to coach effectively. 

For more information about the NCCP click here: About NCCP

Click Below to see what each Rep Team Coaching Requirements are for the current ball season.  Each division is outlined. 
Click this link for details: 2024_Approved_Coach_Certification_Requirements.pdf


List of Baseball Canada - Ontario Course Listings
Click this link for details: Ontario Current Course Listings

OBA Coaching Clinics: 
Click this link for details: OBA - Coaching Clinics

If you do not have a NCCP #. 
Click this link for details: Register for NCCP #

NCCP Coaching Resources:
Baseball Canada - Instructional Videos & VLOG Videos